It was been a long and interesting road to the 50-year milestone, a journey that we are proud to share in this momentous year.

We are so happy to have continued to grow within a range of different sectors, meeting and working with pioneers in their field. As a business, we would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to each and every person that has crossed our path and supported CP Cases along the way.

Our customer base has kept us going through the hard times (if the last 18 months has been anything to go by) and throughout the good – thank you to all. Your support means so much.

Thank you to our CP family

We can’t say thank you without mentioning our CP family UK bases and globally. Our amazing retention of staff and partners really does highlight our quality of work and company ethos. There is a real community presence throughout the factory and we are not shy of all rolling our sleeves up and pulling together to get the job done.

CP Cases has seen a set of hardworking, enthusiastic and energetic workers throughout the years who have been ready and willing, and have fitted into our active culture nicely. Having employees like this has inspired the people around them, creating a strong work ethic which is highlighted when visitors tour our workplace.

We work collaboratively with our overseas partners to achieve the perfect end result. We feel now is a perfect excuse to celebrate each and every staff member and every partner for the hard work and loyalty that has helped us on the road to 50 years.

Like every company, there has been a number of hurdles that we have had to overcome (if these times are anything to go by); but our passion, innovation and talented team of people has helped address those challenging times and transform them into positives. We are confident that we can continue this into our future thinking and keep on delivering pioneering technology to fit our customers’ requirements.

We are proud of what CP Cases has achieved in the past 50 years, working hard to get to the footing it is at today. This foundation has shaped an exceptional business model that’s providing engineering solutions to companies and assisting in different industries. We are honoured to be building on that foundation and creating CP Cases’ next phase of growth and evolution. Here is to the next 50!

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CP Cases’ products are available in a wide range of standard sizes, and our UK-based design team can create a custom solution to meet (almost) any application your product requires.