The fresh air filtration plant Cliontec FA3-800, in combination with the passive cyclone pre-separator, is used to clean up the fresh air, which is lead into the cabin.

Because of the regulated air volume flow, the system can be adjusted to the actual demand, with an optimised filter lifetime.

The integrated monitoring of the air volume flow leads to certainty for the operator because the actual air flow is, in contrast to conventional systems, controlled.

Changing conditions such as clogging of filters, blockades of the supply or exhaust air flow activate an audible alarm, which is time delayed. This warning signal enables the user to realise if the added air volume is located in the adjusted reference range.

With the system start, a self-diagnostic, which guarantees the reliability, takes place. Because of the cyclone pre-separator, a precipitation of more than 98% of particles up to 5μm is possible. This significantly elongates the lifetime of the filters integrated into the system.

The second filter stage is composed of a resuable and washable metal mesh filter (filter class G3). A cartridge filter (filter class M6) follows to perform the fine filtration. The brushless blower is placed absorptive behind the filters and therefore guarded from abrasive dusts. Of course, the monitoring of the air volume is freely programmable in the factory and can therefore be adjusted to demands. In addition, the completely powder-coated casing made of black plates enables a tool-free removal of the filters.

All in all, the use of high-quality industry and automotive standard components guarantees maximum security and long operating life.