When conducting military, reconnaissance, or search & rescue missions, a vehicle’s driver & crew need to control their safety & detect potential threats, obstacles, & objects of interest, even in the harshest operational conditions. To increase a mission’s capability by enhancing situational awareness, it is primordial to improve night vision & eliminate the blind spots.

Keeping both safety & tactical interests of driver & crew in mind, Bertin Instruments provides the CamSight LP, a thermal imaging camera – to be integrated into complex optronic systems. Sensitive to thermal radiation without any light, the OEM module is able to produce high-quality pictures in the darkest nights, thus enhancing one’s awareness of surroundings.

CamSight LP Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact, low power consuming (< 1 W)
  • Can be used in complex environments
  • Very fast time to image (1 second)
  • Comes with a an uncooled system
    & a shutterless technology
  • Made in France