Targeting integrators and vehicle manufacturers, CamSight are integrated core camera modules inside complex optronic systems. They are based on FusionSight’s (monocular for day and night vision) and PeriSight’s (perimeter vision system) optronics technology.

Reliable and easy to maintain, CamSight modules come in two versions: thermal (infrared) and colour low light (high sensitivity).

The CamSight IR version includes an uncooled thermal imaging technology, without shutter (forpermanent observation).

The CamSight LL colour low light version offers extreme sensitivity performances (until 3 mlx – night 3).

Reactive, these high-performance camera modules start in a very short time. Light, compact and low energy consumers, they fit into all systems regardless of integration constraints. They are designed for perimeter surveillance missions by aircraft and land vehicles, to improve the vision of the drivers of armoured vehicles, for the surveillance of sensitive sites, as well as on-board observation from drones.

CamSight was notably integrated in Exensor’s Scout* ground sensor, part of the Flexnet network control and command platform, delivered to military and civilian customers around the world.

The set will be delivered to one of Exensor’s customers in Asia. This first collaboration comes four months after the acquisition of Exensor by Bertin Technologies.

*intelligent wireless camera with integrated motion detection.