BR International Consulting Services (BR ICS), a distinguished leader in military logistics, is raising the bar in the industry with its top-quality load-securing services. Under the guidance of Johann Braun, CEO of BR ICS, the company is redefining the landscape of military logistics by prioritising precision, safety, and innovation in load-securing practices.

Elevating military logistics through load-securing excellence

Johann Braun underscored the pivotal role of load securing in military logistics, emphasising its direct impact on the success of transporting large vehicles, troops, and potentially hazardous materials securely and efficiently. “At BR ICS, we understand the significance of adhering to stringent load-securing regulations and continuously innovating to enhance our practices,” stated Braun.

Comprehensive pre-analysis and Global Standards adherence

BR ICS stands out with its comprehensive pre-analysis process, ensuring meticulous assessment before loading any military equipment. This involves a detailed evaluation of cargo type and quantity, the selection of appropriate railcars, and strategic planning of load-securing materials. The company aligns its load-securing regulations with international standards and best practices, ensuring consistency and interoperability in multinational military operations.

Continuous training for top-quality expertise

Recognising the dynamic nature of load-securing regulations, BR ICS invests significantly in continuous training programmes to enhance the skills of its personnel. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that the team remains at the forefront of load-securing practices, adapting to evolving regulations and even contributing to shaping them as a proud member of the International Union of Railways (UIC).

A commitment to collaboration and standardisation

As a member of the UIC, a global association dedicated to fostering collaboration and standardization in the railway industry to facilitate smooth international rail transportation, BR ICS actively contributes to shaping and influencing load-securing regulations on an international scale.

About BR International Consulting Services (BR ICS)

Founded in 2015, BR ICS stands as a pioneering force in military logistics, specialising in loading and securing military equipment on railway wagons. With an unwavering commitment to precision, safety, and innovation, BR ICS continues to lead the industry, shaping the future of load-securing practices in military logistics.