In today’s modern world, valuable electronic equipment is paramount to the success of organisations from defence and military to broadcasting, keeping expensive equipment safe is vital. Whether it’s storing or transporting technology, having equipment ready to deploy on demand is game-changing for multiple industries.

Electronic equipment is fragile and can be sensitive to extreme environments. This is why safe storage and protection are non-negotiable. Multiple industries may be required to transport electronic equipment in extreme temperatures that could damage the operational efficiency of equipment in critical situations. Climate control systems keep technology safe whilst maintaining the appropriate operating temperature, meaning equipment can be relied upon in all situations.

Protects sensitive equipment from extreme heat

Extreme heat is bad for electronic equipment and it can impact how well technology runs. For military, security, broadcasting, satellite, live performance and more, failure of electronic equipment in the field is simply not an option. During times of high pressure, equipment overheating absolutely must be avoided.

Climate control systems in 19-inch racks enhance the performance of equipment in any environment whether it’s during transportation or in an office. COOL Portable Air Conditioning offers temperature control that protects the sensitive components from heat which, as a result, maintains the optimum operating efficiency.

The air-conditioned server rack cools the equipment to reduce stress on the server’s current cooling system which minimises the likelihood of overheating damage.

Reduces the risk of condensation/mildew damaging products

Maintaining optimum temperature control is vital to prevent moisture from forming on electronic equipment. Moisture and technology don’t mix well and can lead to condensation or mildew forming which can destroy expensive electronics. The benefits of climate control systems are that they maintain a consistently cool temperature with regular air conditioning that doesn’t create an environment for dampness to survive.

When using technology in extreme conditions, from hot environments to high-pressure outdoor military climates, condensation can wreak havoc. This is why having a climate control system installed on 19-inch racks minimises the risk of equipment failure.

Improves the air quality for humans

The benefits of climate control systems can help humans too. Keeping the temperature-controlled and cool reduces dampness and moisture in the air. As a result, the air quality where technology is stored is much improved. This allows not only the technology to perform optimally but also the personnel working with it.

Having improved air quality in mission-critical situations can make a huge difference in the outcome which is why climate control systems are a must.

The overarching benefits of climate control for rack-mount equipment include improved technology reliability, reduced running costs, a longer working life of systems and safe transportation in extreme heat. Technology is crucial in many industries and when used in the military or broadcasting, the failure of electronics is not an option. This is why storing 19-inch racks with climate control systems is vital.