Bertin Technologies Second Sight® MS standoff detector of chemical threats has been chosen to equip the troops of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Bertin Technologies Defence and Security product range manager Romain Verollet said: “The Second Sight® is composed of different modules, providing it with unrivalled flexibility of use and versatility, as well as compactness, deployability and operability.

“Another key advantage of our equipment is its ability to detect unexpected chemical threats in an asymmetric warfare scenario, no matter which is the type of gas used or the location of its dispersal.”

The Second Sight® MS is a remote gas-detection system employing an infrared sensor in real-time and designed to detect threats such as chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial gases.

Second Sight® MS permits the stand-off detection, identification and full visualisation in real time of a gas cloud at ranges up to 5km.

The equipment has been certified by third-party agencies as conforming to the requisite standards for military use in terms of its capacity to detect chemical warfare agents, water-and dust-proofing (IP standard), electromagnetic compliance (CEM) and resistance to vibration and shock (Mil-Std 810).

It is possible to gain the advantage of early warning of a chemical threat and to gather all the data needed to manage the attack: type of gas, the location of source, extent and spread of contamination.