MPL Rugged Embedded COTS Systems for Military and Aerospace Applications

MPL’s embedded computers have been designed to operate in harsh environments and under extreme temperature conditions. Their special rugged design, combined with the best industrial-grade components, offer high reliability and long-term performance. This makes our embedded computers the perfect COTS solution for military and aerospace applications.

MPL products are 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland. All our products are fanless, shock and vibration-proof, low power and rugged. A guarantee of long-term availability* is also offered. Our products are the ideal solution for systems that are used in harsh environments.

*Typically ten years or more after the first introduction

Embedded industrial computers with optional MIL housing (PIP)

The name PIP stands for MPL’s compact, robust, low power, fanless and ready-to-use embedded computer family. It comes with a long-term availability guarantee and different mounting options. Features include:

  • Low-power SBC designs
  • Fanless solutions
  • Extended temperature -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F) at full CPU load
  • Long-term availability guarantee*
  • Expandable with PCI-104 Express, PCI, PCIe and PMC/XMC modules
  • Robust, flexible aluminium housings up to IP67

Compact embedded computers (CEC)

The name CEC stands for MPL’s ultra-compact, robust, fanless and low-power embedded computer family with Intel processors. The systems are offered with a long-term availability guarantee* and in rugged housing with different mounting options. CEC units are available according your requirements, even with your logo. Features include:

  • Ultra-compact embedded computer without internal wiring
  • Fanless solutions for extended temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) at full CPU load
  • Robust aluminium housings with stainless-steel front plates
  • MIL housing options according your needs
  • Low-power embedded designs
  • Long-term availability guarantee*
  • Customisable design and functionality

Fanless industrial panel PC solutions

Fanless industrial panel PC solutions (Panel-PIPs, or Panel PC) are specifically designed and produced for rugged and sensitive environments, such as military, maritime and food industry applications, as well as for any industrial application where quality is a major issue.

As with all other MPL products, the Panel-PIPs come without a fan or air vents, are very flexible, and are expandable for all customer needs and requirements. Features include:

  • 6in, 12in, 15in, 17in and 19in, as well as widescreen solutions
  • Full stainless-steel and aluminium housings
  • Up to IP65 / NEMA 4 protected versions (all around)
  • Touch option for all versions
  • Wide range of CPU boards (up to Core i7)

Industrial-grade COTS network systems

MPL provides solutions for IP-based industrial-grade networking (COTS network systems) with devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and media converters. As with all other MPL products, our networks are specifically designed to work also in harsh environments such as extreme temperature, humidity and vibration.

Low power consumption, high reliability and long-term availability are the corner stones of our COTS network systems, and make them ideal for military and aerospace application environments. Features include:

  • Easy to integrate in your application
  • Robust and compact
  • Various housings option
  • Temperature range from -40°C up to 85°C
  • Long-term availability guarantee*
  • Customised design and functionality

Rugged Embedded Open Frame CPU boards

To allow to install the rugged embedded CPU board into custom or existing enclosures we designed an Open Frame solution with a cooling concept.

  • Fanless solutions
  • Intel architecture from single Core Atom up to Xeon CPU
  • Extended temperature range available
  • Long-term availability guarantee

Rugged Embedded Xeon Server

MXCS – high performance, low power and highly integrated rugged Embedded Server, built in a special designed aluminium or MIL IP67 housing with Intel Xeon CPU (up to 16 cores).

  • Up to 128MB DDR4 memory
  • Robust, industrial products
  • Extended temperature available
  • Long-term availability guarantee

About MPL

MPL is an ISO9001-certified designer and manufacturer of COTS embedded computers, including boards and systems, for military and aerospace applications.

The success of the company is based on the various unique solutions it offers: PC-compatible rugged industrial concept; long-term availability of our products; low power consumption; extended temperature range and passive cooling concepts (fanless).

All MPL products are designed to meet or exceed the most common standards. This includes defence certifications (MIL-810F), maritime certification (IEC 60945), railway certifications (EN 50155) and EMI standards.

Think Long-Term – Think MPL

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Press Release

Swap-C Mission Control Computer with 1553, ARINC 429, and CAN

The Mission Control Computer is the perfect compact solution for bus systems, instruments and measurements systems of defense applications.

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MIL/COTS Solutions

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Press Release

18 December 2018

The Mission Control Computer is the perfect compact solution for bus systems, instruments and measurements systems of defense applications.

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30 October 2018

MPL AG is more or less the inventor of fanless computers. They have been providing fanless conductive cooled solutions for over 20 years. Over the years, MPL's unique cooling method has been duplicated by many computer manufacturers. However, those solutions are different to the MPL solution.

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23 May 2018

MPL enhances its Network Switch product range with a 5-port and 8-port managed switch with compact enclosure. The new versatile 5-port and 8-port MAGBES consists of various models and can be equipped with RJ45, M12, fibre connectors, or even lockable headers.

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9 May 2018

The new conductive cooled Xeon Server from MPL allows the use of a powerful server in very demanding environments. The server is installed and available in a 19in chassis. The concept offers considerably more computing power, more memory capacity, more flexibility and a more extreme temperature range than was customary up to now.

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25 April 2018

MPL, a long-term manufacturer of rugged Embedded Systems, created a fanless Vision Server that can be used in severe environments. The solution integrates a rugged UPS and up to eight GigE ports on RJ45 or M12, four being available with PoE.

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11 April 2018

If you are looking for a Xeon Server that is 'Rugged by Design', fanless, and meets the various standards needed for applications in transportation, railway, maritime, or defence, then the MXCS from MPL is the solution you need to take a closer look.

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15 July 2013

MPL AG expands the industrial Ethernet product range with a new rugged Gigabit Firewall and VPN Router that is an ideal solution for new or existing applications where space is limited.

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Täfernstrasse 20

CH-5405 Dättwil


+41 56 483 34 34 +41 56 493 30 20

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