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GuS Glass and Safety

Tank Periscopes and Bullet-Resistant Glass and Repair Services

GuS Glass and Safety supplies periscopes and bullet-resistant glass and is an original equipment manufacturer of the German Army.

Daimlerstraße 1,
32312 Lübbecke Germany


GuS Glass and Safety supplies periscopes and bullet-resistant glass and is an original equipment manufacturer of the German Army.

The company offers repair and maintenance services for bulletproof glass and tank periscopes, as well as training on how to conduct a professional damage inspection.

GuS products are used by more than 40 armies worldwide.

Tank periscopes for armoured vehicles

GuS offers more than 400 different types of periscopes such as M-series, Wisp-series and special-series.

The smallest GuS periscope measures only 50mm x 20mm x 20mm, while the largest to date is 320mm-high, 1,000mm-wide and 110mm-deep.

Clients can custom-design their own periscope, with a choice of housing, prism material and equipment such as laser filters, heating systems, blinds and displays. One innovative product is the Panoramic Periscope, which is a lighter alternative to the same safety-level as a bullet-resistant glass STANAG 4.

Armoured bulletproof glass windows with night-vision compatibility

GuS’ bulletproof windows are based on laminated safety glass technology (LSG), which offers a 10% to 20% lesser weight than conventional glasses, as well as a reduction of the nominal thickness while delivering the same ballistic level and improved optics.

All bullet-resistant windows contain a light transmission higher than 75% and are compatible with diverse night-vision devices. They can be equipped to protect against different dangers such as an explosively formed penetrator (EFP), improvised explosive device (IED) and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) and be upgraded with additional devices such as a navigation system, a rear-view camera and communication tools and warnings.

Operations damage assessment and maintenance and services

During operations, damage to bullet-resistant glass may occur from rock strikes or scratches of the inner layer of the windows. Therefore, GuS offers training to clients to assess whether the damage will potentially harm the passengers, in which case, certified repair methods are available to reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance costs.

Reusable storage containers for sensitive military products

Reusable containers ensure safe transport for sensitive-to-shock military products, including optical devices such as periscopes or microchips. Storage containers are available in 13 sizes, with or without national stock number (NSN) codification and different colours.

Transport containers are under permanent quality inspection to meet customer requirements and ensure high standards. All containers are water-vapour resistant and the insert plastic foam can be reordered.

About GuS

GuS is a family-run, German-based company with nearly 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing periscopes.

GuS’ headquarters are located in Luebbecke, where 100 employees are committed to ensure easy-to-use military armoured vehicles.

GuS to Attend DSEI 2017

GuS Glass + Safety is a manufacturer of periscopes and bullet-resistant glass supporting more than 40 armies worldwide.

GuS Präzision in Kunststoff, Glas und Optik GmbH

Daimlerstraße 1

32312 Lübbecke