The energy and marine industries use a lot of specialist equipment that needs to be transported and used in extreme environments and conditions. Protective cases are vital to avoid damage, delays and extra costs.

Why are protective cases important for energy & marine industries?

Protective cases are important for the energy and marine industries due to the hazardous and extreme environments equipment can be subject to in these sectors. Cases and bags for the marine and energy sectors need durable and innovative storage solutions to keep valuable equipment safe. Minimising damage to specialist equipment can help reduce project delays and costs caused by delays.

The best protective cases for marine/offshore use are completely waterproof to avoid damaging specialist equipment that may come into contact with water. In addition, cases and bags for the marine and energy sectors must protect equipment from potential damage during transit. The energy and marine industries involve a lot of logistics and equipment being transported worldwide; protective cases ensure that specialist equipment arrives safely and securely.

What case features are needed for these sectors?

Cases and bags for the marine and energy industries have specific case features that may require a bespoke solution. However, many cases and bags for use in these sectors share similar features.

For example, protective cases include specialist foams that can help increase efficiency by making it easier to identify and locate tools and parts. The specialist foam inserts can also be cut to the exact profile of equipment to avoid movement in the case and protect equipment from any drops or vibration. In addition, all cases and bags for the marine and energy industries must be waterproof and durable to avoid damage in transit and extreme environments.

Which protective cases are best for the energy and marine sectors?

Amazon cases

Amazon cases are designed to meet the requirements of many industries, including energy, marine, defence, telecommunications and security. Amazon protective cases are tough, lightweight and customisable to clients’ needs.

They are made using a process called rotomoulding. Rotomoulding is a casting technique, but unlike most other plastics processes, no pressure is involved. As a result, rotomoulding is ideal for making tough, waterproof cases that use a high-quality polymer that thickens at the edges for extra strength and impact resistance. Amazon cases are one of the best protective cases for the energy sector, and marine/offshore sectors – and are ideal for any valuable equipment that needs to be transported or stored safely.

19-inch racks

19-inch racks are lightweight, strong and impact-resistant. They afford the energy and marine industries on-demand, fully deployable operational equipment. 19-inch racks meet the various and extreme transportation demands in the most hazardous environments, meaning safe storage and protection of fragile electronic equipment.

There are many different types of 19-inch racks, some of which perform better for different functions. For example, SatRack is favoured by communications companies due to its lightweight design, which allows the integration of satellite and electronic equipment within checked baggage limits.

Aluminium cases

Aluminium cases are tougher, lighter and more resilient than traditionally designed laminated wood cases, which means that aluminium cases protect equipment from even severe impacts. Aluminium cases are alternative, lightweight cases that can include a specialist foam design, which is tailor-made to protect contents during transit. Low-profile recessed wheels and a reinforced, retractable handle can be fitted for easy manoeuvrability when heavier contents are being transported.

In addition, aluminium cases can be personalised to match the user’s needs. For example, indents can be created in the body of the case to fit a wide range of labels. Coloured corner domes can also be included to help identify each case.

Injection moulded Peli cases

An injection moulded Peli case is a case that provides an extremely high level of protection. Peli cases are strong and have high-impact, dust protection, chemical and IP67 water resistance. In addition, Peli cases provide excellent all-weather protection. They can also be fitted with lightweight, internally sculpted LD45 polyethylene, closed-cell foam that protects specialist equipment from movement and damage.

The energy and marine sectors need cases that protect valuable, specialist equipment from the elements, transport and extreme environments. There are many different types of protective casing for this industry: amazon cases, Peli cases and aluminium cases are just three of the best options.