Kanguru is proud to partner with WetStone Technologies, Inc. to provide a customised, USB flash drive platform with physical write protect switch to deliver WetStone’s forensic malware discovery and investigation application. WetStone’s G-Flash MP is pre-loaded on a Kanguru USB flash drive, and is utilised for forensic, investigative, and law enforcement analysis.

G-Flash MP is the newest generation of WetStone’s premier malware discovery solution, Gargoyle Investigator. Gargoyle is used by forensic labs, law enforcement, field investigators, private investigators, and incident response teams to efficiently search for malicious applications. Gargoyle performs a rapid search for known contraband, lost or leaked corporate assets, and hostile programs.

Accessing information about the intent, sophistication, capabilities and communications of cyber criminals is critical to a complete understanding of the factors at play in an investigation. Gargoyle is designed to simplify investigations and incident response activities.

“Our users demand a durable, high-capacity, and high-performance G-FLASH platform for their field investigations,” states Carlton Jeffcoat, Senior Vice President, WetStone Technologies. “We are pleased to partner with Kanguru to meet those expectations using Kanguru’s high-quality, small form-factor flash drive solutions.”

With Kanguru’s excellence in manufacturing standards, Kanguru has developed a trusted reputation for providing secure, virus-free USB products with write protection capabilities that customers have relied on for over 27 years.

“Working with partners and clients to meet their requirements is what we do best,” Says Nate Cote, Executive Vice President of Kanguru. “We are happy to continue supporting WetStone with a quality hardware platform for their unique applications.”