The Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to introduce a new product from the Vortran laser product line.

VersaLase™ is a revolutionary, fully integrated laser module with multiple outputs for different wavelengths. This module sets new standards for medical, biomedical, and industrial laser applications. The plug-and-play unit offers outputs of up to four different wavelengths and is specifically designed for the requirements of applications in the UV, visible to near IR range.

The integrated, patented, CDRH-compliant laser units feature a sealed optical resonator and innovative electronics. The VersaLase™ module impresses with unmatched performance stability, excellent beam quality, high pointing stability, and very low noise. With the user interface (GUI) developed by Vortran, users can individually control and monitor each wavelength via USB or RS-232.

The Frankfurt Laser Company’s sales and engineering team is ready to assist customers in selecting the appropriate configuration for their specific applications. Custom OEM customisations, which are not currently offered as standard, can also be realised upon request.

Key features of the Stradus® lasers:

• CDRH compliant
• Compact and standalone design
• Low noise
• Excellent beam quality
• Patented, sealed optical resonator
• Single-mode TEM00
• Analog and digital modulation
• USB and RS-232 interfaces
• PC user interface software
• Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)
• Systems for OEM and end-users available

For further information about the VersaLase™ system or other products from the Stradus® laser line, please contact the Frankfurt Laser Company at or visit our website.