The ninth annual Virginia Tech Global Entrepreneur Challenge began this week as students and recent graduates from universities across the globe present a business model to a panel of judges. The challenge encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas and exercise their creativity. VPT is proud to help sponsor this event that fosters students’ entrepreneurial ideas, as well as recognising their contributions to the global economy.

This year’s challenge begins on with a two-day sightseeing trip to Washington DC, followed by a week in Blacksburg, VA, where the students will be able to take part in various workshops, networking events, and social activities with Virginia Tech students and staff. The challenge itself takes place on 23 August, where the student teams will present their business concept along with a working prototype for the chance to win one of three cash prizes.

For the duration of their time in Blacksburg, participants will be staying with local host families, and thanks to the help of sponsors no student will have any food or lodging expenses.

More information about this year’s challenge can be found on its official page (