IR.Tools a leading provider of infrared identification for the military and law enforcement, has announced the launch of a new suite of Upright Thermal Shooting Targets.

The impact of Upright film on the thermal shooting target category cannot be underestimated. Upright film eliminates the 15º angle that first-generation passive thermal targets require. An Upright Target has a larger viewpoint of what it reflects. Therefore, it offers all the benefits of existing thermal targets without the cost and frustrations of the 15º angle.

The Upright Target quickly mounts to any backer or target stand in a vertical position. In less than 2 minutes the target is ready for shots. Shooters save time and ammo with this high-contrast life-like
target. In the case of ranges, there are significant cost savings by mounting this target on existing
vertical stands.

There is little downside to training with an Upright thermal target. In addition to its “no angle” feature the upright target material is durable and less prone to scratching. In addition, multiple shooters can
shoot at multiple angles at the same time.

IR.Tools suite of Upright Thermal Passive targets include:

• Zeroing Targets for Laser, Night Vision and Thermal Sights

• Downrange Passive Thermal E-Types, Boar, and Coyotes

• Repair and Point of Aim Pasters

Released in October 2022, the new Upright Thermal Target is projected to complement the explosive
growth in the use of thermal scopes across the military, law enforcement and sportsmen markets. The
consistent high contrast target along with its ease of use and durability is sure to bolster any training