Military organisations around the world are upgrading their fast jet fleets, including the UAE forces. At the 2017 Dubai Airshow, the UAE Air Force has announced it will be investing $1.6 billion in upgrading its fleet of 80 Lockheed Martin F-16E/F Block 60 fighters.

According to Lockheed Martin, the UAE Air Force is operating the most advanced fourth-generation fighter in the world, the F-16 Block 60 ‘Desert Falcon’. At Dubai Airshow, Lockheed Martin cites the move as another step forward in the partnership to enhance the UAE’s air defence.

With billions being spent on upgrading aircraft, it is worthwhile investing in quality hangar protection from the high temperatures that are found in the UAE and similar climates. A cost-effective and efficient solution to tackle this problem is a lightweight, rapidly constructed military hangar. Expeditionary forces aircraft shelter systems are the best solution to support defence requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions.

These types of hangars meet many needs and provide instant benefits to military end users. They are easily transportable inside 20ft ISO containers; they can be construction in a matter of days; they are designed to high wind and snow loadings and feature high quality PVC cladding to withstand searing temperatures. Custom configurations with accessories such as internal roof mounted cranes and HVAC systems are available to suit specific operational needs.

Airforces around the world are turning to these adaptable solutions to protect their aircraft. Rubb is a trusted, world-leading supplier of these types of hangars. An industry expert with a proven track record, clients include the UK, USA, UAE, Lithuanian and Canadian forces. Rubb has the expertise to meet military and defence application requirements.