Upright Thermal Film upgrades thermal patches

Thermal patches are not brand new.

But Upright Thermal patches are.

Thermal patches are built with thermal film. Thermal film is used to distinguish people, animals, or vehicles from its surroundings.

Since the introduction of thermal devices in aerial and ground operations, the thermal patch has become an indispensable tool for law enforcement to enhance safety and improve overall outcomes.

For years, IR Tools has built thermal patches featuring High-Contrast and Extreme thermal films to assist law enforcement agencies in identifying officers on the ground. While these films are effective and invaluable, we realized the potential for improvement.

The Upright Thermal patch is answering the call for the growing need to increase visibility and detection during challenging scenarios.

This new patch is a significant upgrade to previous thermal films, leaving no doubt of its vast capabilities.

The role of Thermal Patches in a hot pursuit

Imagine a scenario where officers are in hot pursuit of suspects through a neighbourhood or crowded streets.

While the thermal device tracking the chase can detect the silhouettes of all the individuals involved, it struggles to distinguish who is who.

However, if the officers wear an Upright Thermal Patch on their uniforms, command and control gain the ability to discern who the officer is and who the suspect is.  This leads to precise coordination and correct decision-making in real time.

Command and control can guide the officers to the suspect, avoid an ambush, and successfully take the suspect into custody.

Previous Thermal Patches

While previous iterations of the thermal patch are effective,  its susceptibility to environmental conditions makes its  24/7 usability cumbersome. In other words, it has limitations.

In order for the patch to produce a visible contrast, it needs to be facing the sky or leaning at a minimal 15°angle. In addition to the angle, if clouds, buildings, or trees were close by, this could also diminish the visible contrast.

Upgraded Upright Thermal developed

After years of research, the Upright film was developed to overcome these obstacles. The innovative film has thousands of randomized micro-thermal reflectors built in to reflect the temperatures from all directions.

What can you expect when using an upright thermal patch?

First and foremost, the patch is easy to see.

The patch stands out distinctly against its surroundings, thanks to its pronounced contrast.  A command and control officer can effortlessly spot the patch and determine a swift and strategic course of action.

Outdoors use only

Deployment of the patch is recommended for outdoor operations only.  The larger the patch, the easier it will be to detect. While the patch could work inside, there are no guarantees.

IR.Tools recommends patches no smaller than 4in x 4in. Each patch comes with a hook backing to easily attach to any loop on uniforms, gear, or headgear.

Unlike infrared reflective patches, the upright thermal patch will work in smoke, rain, or sandstorms. If the patch is exposed to water, wipe it off and go.

Discover firsthand the advantages of Thermal Patches

Thermal device operations across various domains stand to gain significantly from the advantages offered by an Upright Thermal patch.

When worn on officers, soldiers, and now hunters, this patch raises the safety level, mitigates risks, and facilitates real-time decision-making.

Even K9 units out-fitting their dogs as well.

If you rely on a thermal device, we encourage you to explore the features and benefits of the Upright Thermal patch.

Discover firsthand how this patch will improve your operations.