TECNOVE recently manufactured 20 containers, all with standard ISO 20in conditions for the Spanish Army. These containers respect the standard UNE 117101: 2003, equipped in order to create a protected and heated area which provides elements and installations necessary to grant shower, sink and WC services.

These containers rely on security label in conformity with CSC, issued by a homologated entity.

Each of TECNOVE’s 20 containers may be transported by road, train or sea because of the fact that it follows the standard UNE 117101: 2003. Therefore, they are manufactured in order that there are no bulges and all standards are respected.

Each container has two ventilation holes in each side of the container, located in the corrugated part and close to the higher corner. The ventilation elements are protected with a plate in the side walls in order to avoid insects and dust entering.

The elements and materials of the structure are of the highest quality and are made by elements of steel/carbon of different quality depending on the situation.

Each of the containers in the internal part provides:

  • Three shower cubicles
  • Three WC cubicles
  • Four individual sinks
  • Compartment with water pressure and thermo electrical equipment
  • Electrical installation
  • Shower, sink and WC accessories

In addition, the container features a door, window, grids, access door and installation connectors.