In Järva County, the Police, together with specialists from the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and Threod Systems, practiced the possibilities of using drones, and for the first time, flights were made over the cities with our Eos C aircraft specially adapted for surveillance.

In current emergency state situation and fighting the spread of COVID-19, it is prohibited to gather in public places. People are allowed in the streets in a group of 2 and the distance should be over 2m. Police are constantly patrolling the streets but being able to see the cities with a “birds eye” view would be a real advantage. It was therefore decided to launch this joint project and to use Threod drones to help investigate the cities for violations.

With Threod’s Eos C unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) we can investigate very big territories; it’s flight radius is up to 100 km combined with a flight time of many hours in the air. “The drone provides a detailed picture that when received by the police command center enables them to immediately react by sending a small drone with a speaker to the violation area or a patrol.” Says Martin Jõesaar, the COO of Threod Systems.

Thread’s’ mobile command center built into a custom mini-van was used for the operation. It is equipped with all necessary communications solutions, enables convenient operation of the UAV and the payload, as well as receipt of live video stream and data processing software, that ensures prompt decision-making measures.

The operation was successful and cooperation will continue. There are vast possibilities for the Police to involve UAVs in daily operations and Threod Systems is always ready to assist and offer our services.