Plasan has a new vehicle that sits above the SandCat in our product line.

The StormRider shares the same powerful, durable, and reliable powertrain as the SandCat, but in the StormRider this is integrated with full-time four-wheel-drive transfer-case and heavy duty independent suspension into an all-new Monocoque Kitted-Hull.

The new vehicle is larger and more spacious than the SandCat Mk-IV and SandCat M-LPV variants, accommodating up to 10 occupants, fully protected against STANAG Protection levels ballistic and IED threats, and with STANAG protection levels against mine under the vehicle.

The production StormRider has been updated with a new design since the earlier prototypes were shown, now sharing more bodywork and a common architecture with the other 4th generation SandCat models, making it part of a modular range of vehicles that can cover multiple roles and weight classes with commonality across the fleet.

This unique feature reduces the logistics footprint, and maintenance and training burden, saving long-term costs and easing deployment. Plasan’s award-winning “Kitted Hull” construction enables localization of the product, with local assembly possibility and unique styling features and identity.

StormRider was designed from the beginning for blast protection with a combination of Plasan technologies integrated into the system. The blast-deflecting 3D V-Shape belly, floating floors, T-Bar™ foot-pads, and Terra™ Energy Absorbing Seats, all ensure that the occupants are both safe and comfortable. A single-handle operates both the combat-locks and automotive latch on each of the 5 doors. Ingress/egress is quick and easy for all 10 occupants and with multiple firing ports and optional RCWS they are always ready and able to respond to any external threat. The sturdy front bumper features an integrated winch, and together with the Military wide-track independent suspension, permanent 4-wheel-drive, and CTIS, no terrain will stand between the crew and their mission.

With the same high standard of finish and attention to design and ergonomic details as all Plasan products, StormRider is a world class vehicle bringing MRAP capabilities down to the weight, dimensions, usability, and price-point of less well protected alternatives.

With a 11.5t GVW, the new StormRider has the presence, space, protection, mobility, and payload to take a full team of 10 anywhere they need to go… and bring them safely home.