As a major milestone for the Module-R 7-B series production project, Module-R 7-B air conditioning units have successfully passed the full qualification for the German Armed Forces. The next generation of compact split tent and container HVAC provides 7kW energy efficient inverter technology cooling and 9 kW electrical heating for military shelter. The HVAC is developed and qualified for extreme operating temperatures from -32 °C up to +55 °C. Within the certification, the air conditioning unit has passed the following tests:

Vibration analysis and shock test at the German Armed Forces:

  • Vibration analysis for transportation on vehicles, ships, and railroads according to STANAG 4370 – AECTP 400
  • Vibration analysis for simulated conditions in off-road vehicles and aircrafts according to STANAG 4370 – AECTP 400
  • Shock test with an acceleration of 30g for 11 seconds, the procedure was carried out six times in all three (x, y, z) axes according to DIN EN 60068-2-27

Performance and operation test according to STANAG 4370 – AECTP – 230:

  • Climate zone A1: Temperature: +32 to +55 °C, relative humidity: 3 to 8 %
  • Climate zone B3: Temperature: +31 to +41 °C, relative humidity: 59 to 88 %
  • Climate zone C1: Temperature: -21 to -32 °C, relative humidity: Until saturation

After successful completed qualification, weisstechnik will start series production within the next few weeks.