The new S and C dual-band Omni Antenna with flange mount base can operate across both the 2.1GHz – 2.5GHz S-Band and 4.4GHz – 5.9GHz C-Band frequency ranges, and is ideal for unlicensed ISM bands for broadcast use and licensed DOD, Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and NATO bands.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1087-076 is a dual-band half-wave dipole Omni antenna, featuring a 2.8in integrated flange mount base with lock-wired screw connection to the TNC(f) radio frequency (RF) connector, making this antenna suitable for use with compatible aircraft and helicopter antenna mounts or other vibrating / moving platforms.

The flange base features 4x through holes for securing the flange to a helicopter or aircraft antenna mount, unmanned ground vehicle platform, or other application where extra security is needed.

The RF connector is secured to the flange base with screws fastened with lock wire, which further enhances the safety of these antennas by ensuring that the screws can’t back themselves out due to vibrations through the antenna.

Additionally, Part # 1087-076 features 50W power handling and a low glare, matte black G10 fibreglass radome.