In an effort to offer unrivalled comfort and meet the highest protection standards in the industry, Gecko enlisted SKYDEX to help with the development of their latest helmet, the Marine Ballistic Helmet (MBH).

Between Gecko’s history as a leading provider for marine safety helmets and SKYDEX’s proprietary impact technology, the two companies have revolutionised helmet design to help save more lives for rescue organizations worldwide.

President and CEO of SKYDEX Alvaro Vaselli said: “We are proud to partner with Gecko on design projects for marine environments and to enhance their latest helmet design.

“Our passionate team of engineers was able to reduce product thickness by 50% to create a more streamlined product for ballistic protection. With our advanced technology, we’re able to create customisable solutions to protect people from harmful situations across a range of unique environments, including marine.”

The Gecko head gear MBH is the most advanced, highest-performance marine helmet model made by the company. With the support of SKYDEX, the helmet offers a low-profile design that does not trap water or interfere with buoyancy design requirements for marine rescue organisations.

Gecko Head Gear manager Jake Sacree said: “For more than 20 years, we’ve built helmets to last and provide unrivalled protection plus comfort.

“By teaming up with a like-minded industry leader on our newest product, SKYDEX was able to help us develop the design of the MBH and slim down the profile for a perfect fit without sacrificing performance. The helmet is highly durable and optimised for the harshest environments to protect lives.”