The FPYL-532-50T-SLM-C and FPYL-532-100T-SLM-C have an outstanding wide operating temperature range between -40°C to +60°C. They are offered with either 50mW or 100mW at 532nm in a very compact housing of just 110mm x 52mm x 52mm. The spectral linewidth is <0.00001nm, which complies to a coherence length of >9m.

With a power stability of <1% and a noise of amplitude of <0.25% they are perfectly suitable for applications such as:

♦ Confocal Microscopy
♦ RAMAN Spectroscopy
♦ Particle Measurements
♦ DNA Sequency
♦ Flow Cytometry
♦ Digital Imaging
♦ Analytical Chemistry

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