In today’s market, there’s a wide range of different server racks available. Here at CP Cases, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to choose the right server rack for your needs.

Which types of server racks are popular?

Perhaps you’re looking for a server rack that would suit the defence and security sectors, or maybe you’re after something designed for broadcast. Whatever your requirements are, we have a range of popular server racks here at CP Cases.

One of the most well-known server racks is our 19-inch Amazon Rack. These racks are ideal for defence, marine, security, aerospace, satellite and telecommunication industries. Due to the use of rotomoulding, these server racks are strong and resistant to drops, knocks and extreme temperatures. However, these racks don’t contain the thick wall cavity usually found in rotomoulded products, so there’s even more space.

Another popular type of server rack is our 19-inch SatRack. The lightweight yet robust design of this rack makes it perfect for transporting delicate electronic equipment. To ensure maximum protection, the frame contains stainless steel nuts and is suspended in a honeycombed, polypropylene outer shell.

How can server racks be customised?

As everyone has different needs for their server rack, it’s important that customisation options are available. As our speciality here at CP Cases, we offer a range of specialist solutions and custom features. Whether you’re looking for a small size change, or you’d like a specific custom-built server rack, our experts have all the necessary skills.

One popular customisation feature is the addition of climate control systems to prevent overheating. Our server racks can be fitted with built-in air cooling systems to help keep IT equipment cool and safe.
Furthermore, for optimal security, server racks can be custom-fitted with either EMI shielding. Using a custom level of TEMPEST shielding is the best way to protect sensitive equipment from being intercepted by compromising emanations. On the other hand, EMI shielding works by preventing any environmental interference, so you can have peace of mind that your equipment is safe from this potential problem.

Which heights and dimensions are available for server racks?

The standard width of a server rack is 19 inches, as this is the standard mounting width of most rack-mounted equipment. However, the heights and dimensions of our server racks can be easily customised to suit your preferences.

Each of our server racks are available in a range of standard sizes. For example, SatRacks can be designed in 3U, 4U or 5U versions, and ProRacks range from 4U to 34U. We also offer custom half racks for equipment that doesn’t require the full size.

Does the level of protection vary between different server racks?

All server racks host a variety of benefits that make them secure and safe. But different server racks do offer different forms of protection, making them ideal for their varied purposes.

For example, ERacks are designed for commercial and military sectors, meaning that they need protection against environmental forces. For this reason, ERacks have a folded rim design to protect the edges and create resistance to water or dust ingress. In addition, these products feature a 19-inch internal rackmount chassis for optimal protection against shocks, vibration and impact.

In comparison, ProRacks offer lightweight protection for broadcast or music industries. This product contains suspended racks which give more protection against vibration but also keep the product lightweight and transportable. Furthermore, these racks contain side stiffening plates to reinforce the edges and enhance rigidity.