With 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing bespoke protective cases, military equipment is in safe hands at CP Cases. Focusing on innovation, durability and high-performance materials means that our cases are the perfect choice for those mission-critical situations.

Military equipment needs to be protected against harsh environments, extreme temperatures and rough handling. After years of research and continuously perfecting our designs, we can confidently say that our cases are designed to protect defence equipment against all kinds of hazards. But what sets our cases apart and why are they a top option for the transportation of military equipment?

Why are our protective cases a top option for transporting military equipment?

With extensive knowledge and expertise from working with NATO, US and UK Defence standards, our protective cases are designed to transport military equipment safely and efficiently. With practical and thoughtful design choices, these are premium military cases for delivering equipment in critical environments.


Durability is one of the most important features of any protective case, especially when transporting expensive military equipment in mission-critical situations. At CP Cases, we have created ruggedised Amazon Cases that are produced using the rotomoulding process. This uses high-quality polyethylene polymer which results in an exceptionally tough case. With extra protection at the corners and edges, our cases are strong and resistant to impacts. Our Amazon Cases are tested to tough military specifications MIL-STD-810F, meaning that they can be relied on even in the most hazardous of environments. The foam inserts add further protection and support, absorbing any impacts in the process of transportation. With durability being of such importance in a military environment, it’s our top priority when designing protective cases.

Lightweight protective cases

Whilst cases need to be strong, they also need to be practical. Often, military equipment needs to be quickly and easily transported, meaning that lightweight material is a must. Polyethylene polymer is ultra-lightweight, which makes transportation on the field in mission-critical scenarios easy and hassle-free. The lightweight material doesn’t sacrifice durability with the rugged design perfect for transit and storage.CustomisableEvery military use case is slightly different, which is why our cases are customisable to suit every transportation need. At CP Cases, we offer custom designs to meet exacting requirements. With made-to-order sizes available, there’s a protective case for all types of military equipment. Using the latest CAD tools, we can work with you from concept through to production to ensure that your custom protective case is fit for purpose. Our custom specialist foam design provides tailored cushioning for military equipment, made from high-quality ‘closed cell’ polyethylene foam. This means equipment can’t move and suffer from damage during transportation. At CP Cases, we also offer custom colours, labelling and branding to ensure that your protective cases are ready to go right away.

Climate controlled cases

In critical military and defence environments, cases can be exposed to various hazards which could damage expensive and critical equipment. This isn’t the case with our range of protective cases. We offer cases with solid slate climate control Thermoelectric Units (TEU) which are ideal for remote locations with extreme weather. Our nitrogen-blown polyethylene foam inserts guard equipment against chemical contamination or corrosion from the climate or surroundings, meaning equipment is kept safe even in the most extreme situations. With IP ratings from IP54 to IP65, every climatic or environmental hazard is met head-on with no damage to vital equipment in the process. This is critical during transportation.

Resistant to extreme temperatures

Keeping critical military equipment cool in extreme temperatures is vital to the success of a mission. CP Cases’ range of COOL Portable Air Conditioning units provides the ideal solution to cooling equipment to prevent damage or failure in the field. Electronic military equipment can be housed and transported in cooling racks to protect components from damaging heat, dust, moisture and corrosion. The exterior of our protective cases is also resistant to extreme temperatures, meaning military equipment can be relied on when needed most.

Military equipment is not only expensive but often vital to the success or failure of a mission. Being able to safely transport and store equipment is a non-negotiable for organisations. At CP Cases, you can rely on our protective cases in extreme environments to withstand all hazards whilst maintaining the quality of your equipment, providing the backbone to your operations.