Xplore Technologies today announced that it has received yet another purchase order, its fourth since 2014, from one of the nation’s largest telecommunications service providers. This order for Xplore XSLATE B10 fully rugged tablet PCs and accessories brings the total value of this multi-year, multi-million-dollar project to now more than $19m. Xplore partner Prosys will configure and ship the XSLATE B10 tablets to this new group of field-based end-users beginning in November.

The telecom operator began equipping thousands of Cable Splicing Technicians across the US with Xplore rugged tablets in 2014 and 2015. Most recently, they placed a follow-on $1m order for Xplore Bobcat and XSLATE B10 fully rugged tablets in May to support the customer’s growing workforce mobility demands. With this newest order, hundreds of Outside Placing Technicians within the telecom service provider’s construction and engineering group will also be empowered to complete critical workflows while in the field using XSLATE B10 rugged tablets.

Xplore president and COO Mark Holleran noted: "This customer’s return on investment has been so impressive over the last three years, they’ve chosen to repeatedly expand their utilisation of Xplore rugged tablets across multiple field service operations nationwide.

"The operational improvements documented by this industry-leading telco, and the internal efficiencies gained by using our rugged tablets, simply cannot be replicated by any other mobile computer form factor or any of our competitors’ rugged tablet offerings. Xplore’s platforms provide more rugged mobility, more core strength and power under the hood, as well as greater security and workflow flexibility."

Upon fulfilment of this new order by Xplore partner Prosys, the XSLATE B10 rugged tablets will become the primary PC used by the telco’s Outside Placement Technicians. Assigned to the construction and engineering group, these field-based professionals are responsible for the placement, rearranging, and removing of telecommunications infrastructure such as poles, lines, open wire, and drop and block wire.

With the 10.1in Intel-powered Xplore rugged tablets in hand, the technicians can immediately and accurately complete all routine and specialised workflows related to infrastructure installation, maintenance, and inspection tasks. The tablet’s built-in camera, Glove touch screen and pen inputs, and bright outdoor viewable screen enable field service personnel to easily document, review, and analyse pertinent data.

Technicians can even plug specialised peripheral equipment into one of the eight built-in I/O ports that come standard with this tablet, such as the RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port, if needed for network quality testing. The XSLATE B10’s built-in 4G LTE and Wi-Fi technologies then facilitate immediate, around-the-clock data uploads to back-office systems for continuous asset monitoring and the tracking of crew progress by field supervisors.

The customer is also using the rugged tablet as its primary work order dispatch tool, with the built-in GPS ensuring technicians’ fast and accurate navigation to each job site. The XSLATE B10’s extremely durable MIL-STD-810G and IP65-rated design and hot swappable batteries ensure the tablet sustains its peak performance level despite long shifts or hazards typical to outdoor working environments, such as dust, water, drops, humidity and extreme temperatures.

In addition, the telco ordered several accessories to improve the safety and quality of the technicians’ tablet experience in the field and vehicle, including the Xplore G2 Vehicle Dock and xDIM system with a mounting tray and battery bracket kickstand, a wireless Companion Keyboard for data-intensive tasks, and screen protectors. They also added on a top handle to improve the comfort and security of carrying and utilising the tablet in hand for hours, and miles, on foot.

"Xplore rugged tablets provide these telco technicians with the mobility and reliability they require to complete critical telecommunications business operations without error or interruption," Holleran added.

"We’ve worked extensively with this telco, and all of our customers, to ensure Xplore mobile computing solutions not only overcome the challenges of their individual business environments, but ultimately bolster service quality and provide the long-term stability needed to drive growth.

"That’s why the value proposition of Xplore rugged tablets remains unmatched, even after 20 years."