May PR

Winmate has announced the arrival of its new DIN Rail Box PC (IBDRW100).

The product is a compact, industrial box PC, designed for a wide variety of automation and machine-to-machine applications. The device measures just 85.5mm x 152mm and 139mm tall.

It combines an Intel Bay Trail-M N2930 processor with extensive and flexible I/O support for legacy connections requiring RS232/485 serial ports with isolation, as well as 20 pin terminal block digital I/O ports.

The DIN Rail Box PC also includes standard USB and gigabit Ethernet connections, as well as 64GB to 256GB mSATA solid state disks for storage. Superior thermal engineering means a fanless design and no ventilation holes.

Highlighted features of the Winmate DIN Rail Box PC:

  • Designed specifically for industrial automation or DIN rail application in hazardous locations
  • Built-in Intel Bay Trail-M 2.16GHz
  • Front-facing I/0 ports and indicator for easy maintenance
  • Cable arm bracket to prevent sparks caused by cable and connector movement
  • Operational in extreme temperatures (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Compact metal housing
  • Fanless and high-efficiency thermal design
  • Wide range power input with isolation (9V-36V DC IN)

DIN Rail Box PC for the HazLoc Market

When equipment is ATEX certified, it ensures it is safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and other hazardous locales. The Winmate DIN Rail Box PC (IBDRW100-EX) with Intel’s Bay Trail processor will soon receive the ATEX and C1D2 dual certification. This means it is safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres where gases such as acetylene, hydrogen, esters and hydrocarbons may have accidentally entered the atmosphere.

The DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) Rail Box PC meets regulatory compliance for use in industries such as oil, gas, and petrochemical manufacturing, and others where ignitable gases or vapor may be present. For secure mounting, the Box PC may be easily installed on a DIN rail mount or in an enclosure box.

What industries require ATEX-certified equipment?

Regulations apply to any potentially explosive environments including electrical, mechanical, mining, and even flour mills. ATEX-certified equipment is especially imperative in hazardous locations such as oil refineries, offshore oil rigs, petrochemical plants, and remote pipeline locales.