VPT released VXR series DC-DC converters

VPT, Inc. (VPT®), a HEICO company, today released its dual output VXR series DC-DC converters to augment its offering of advanced, high-reliability, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products.

Optimised for a broad range of programmes from military ground vehicles to commercial and military aircraft, the VXR series products feature wide input voltage ranges and advanced packaging technology for superior operation in adverse environments. The VXR series now includes both single and dual output offerings from 7W-100W, as well as 2A-20A EMI filters.

The VXR series dual output DC-DC converters feature two independently controlled and isolated outputs, which provide zero cross-regulation. Each output can be configured as positive, negative or stacked allowing for a broad range of output voltage configurations.

Additionally, the output voltages can be ordered as unmatched pairs as a standard product option providing a vast range of flexibility within an overall power system design.

"The entire VXR series of products has a robust mechanical design that is highly efficient over a wide input voltage range, including significant input transient capability," said Jeremy Ferrell, VPT’s Manager of Standard Product Engineering. "Also, the proprietary two-stage topology provides incredibly fast transient response time without the use of optoisolators."

In addition to high efficiency and high reliability, the VXR series features its proprietary V-SHIELD® advanced packaging technology.

V-SHIELD® is an integral epoxy encapsulation that incorporates EMI shielding and dual-sided thermal conduction. It is highly resistant to chemical, solvent and salt environments and is fully compatible with high-volume manufacturing processes, including wave solder, cleaning solvents, high-pressure sprays and aqueous wash.

An additional update to the VXR Series family of DC-DC converters is the capability of the single output converters to now meet the 100V surge requirement of MIL-STD-1275, as well as DO-160. The 100V surge operation is achieved without adding external components to the converters.

"Programmes requiring high reliability and cutting-edge performance while potentially operating in harsh, taxing environments are prime candidates for the efficiency and durability of the VXR series of DC-DC converters and EMI filters," said Monty Pyle, VP of Sales and Marketing. "The extension of this product family illustrates our commitment to innovation based on proven design heritage."

The VXR series single and dual output DC-DC converters and VXR series EMI filters are available for immediate sale. Additional information on the VXR Series and specific product datasheets can be found within VPT’s COTS product information on