Ansell Protective Solutions has been awarded US Patent for the Trellchem VPS Flash garment material, used for manufacturing top of the line Level A gastight chemical protective suits.

Recently the Trellchem EVO material was awarded a US Patent and now also the Trellchem VPS Flash material. The Trellchem VPS Flash material combines a flame retardant aramid base fabric with abrasion resistant rubber and a multilayer chemical barrier film. All together it provides > 8 hours permeation time against a wide variety of hazardous chemicals along with flash fire protection and protection against liquefied gases, radioactive particles and biohazards.

Chemical protective suits made of the Trellchem VPS Flash material are certified to the toughest and most stringent standards in the world within the segment of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC), such as NFPA 1991 (including the optional Flash Fire and Liquefied gas protection requirements), EN 943-2/ET, EN 943-1, EN 1073-2 (Protection against radioactive particles) and EN 14126 (Protection against Infective agents).

The Trellchem product range is based on highly innovative rubber based materials resulting from more than 100 years of rubber technology experience. To be awarded two U.S. Patents confirms the high standards and innovation level of the Trellchem materials.