Ansell Protective Solutions announces that the Trellchem VPS Flash Level A gastight chemical protective suit is now also certified to the European standard EN 943-1 and the tougher EN 943-2/ET for Emergency Teams.

Trellchem VPS-Flash has been certified according to the American standard NFPA 1991 for some years already and has grown to be the most popular Trellchem suit in the US "At Ansell Protective Solutions we are very happy to also introduce VPS-Flash to the European market, and give all European customers the chance to discover the benefits of this great suit", says Product Manager Katarina Filipsson.

This cost-efficient high performance suit is suitable for use typically within the Fire & Rescue and Defense area but also within Law Enforcement and Industry. It is available in both fully encapsulating and non-encapsulating design and can be fitted with boots or socks, a variety of gloves, airline passthrough, pockets, loops etc. to fit each customer’s specific needs.

The Trellchem VPS-Flash suit material, which was recently awarded US Patent, is a further development of the already well-reputed Trellchem VPS material. Combining abrasion resistant rubber with a multilayer chemical barrier film and a new flame retardant aramid base fabric gives a material with added flash fire protection and also protection against liquefied gases. The chemical protective capability is high with > 8 hours permeation time against a wide variety of hazardous chemicals as well as radioactive particles and biohazards.

Trellchem VPS-Flash chemical protective suits are now, with the new European certificates, certified to the toughest and most stringent standards in the world within the segment of Chemical Protective Clothing (CPC): NFPA 1991 (including the optional Flash Fire and Liquefied gas protection requirements), EN 943-2/ET, EN 943-1, EN 1073-2 (Protection against radioactive particles) and EN 14126 (Protection against Infective agents).