Czech heavy-duty truck manufacturer TATRA TRUCKS has made a successful comeback under control of new owners and new management, after years of poor performance under the previous shareholders.

Now their business is flourishing, the company has found its way into new markets and managed to return to others where the company is already well-known.

TATRA all-wheel-drive trucks are well-known for their unique chassis based on the concept of central backbone tube with independent swining half-axles, in the most suspended by air, which gives the trucks an unprecedented level of manoeuverability and comfort for the crew even in the most rugged terrain.

Robustness, flexible customers’ attitude and easy operation of the vehicles made them a natural choice for many armed forces all around the world.

One of the latest and largest customers at this time is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with deliveries of medium-weight and heavy duty military vehicles TATRA to their armed forces. The cooperation has been enlarged with a licence for domestic production of TATRA vehicles with large impact on aftersales services and training of Saudi personnel.

Other projects are currently in progress, including improved aftersale service support to a fleet of vehicles, which have been delivered to the United Arab Emirates Land Forces, a part of the manufacturer’s global effort to increase the added value of the vehicles with extensive post-production services.

Another significant breakthrough for the company has been achieved yesterday, when TATRA TRUCKS’ top managers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BEML, Indian state enterprise.

The Memorandum will serve as a political declaration and basis for business contracts, at first focused primarily on deliveries of spare parts and components for TATRA vehicles already in service with the Indian military.