At a briefing for their potential supply team held at Armatec’s facility in Dorchester a high level briefing team from Armatec and Marshall Land Systems spent a day explaining their combined bid to the Canadian Department of National Defence for the medium support vehicle system (MSVS) special equipment vehicle (SEV) shelter project.

During the course of the day the team stressed they were committed to technical compliance, on time delivery building on a shared culture and history of meeting and surpassing customer requirements achieved by early requirements capture and intimate involvement with the customer. This engagement assists in maintaining the budget price and delivery schedule.

Both companies have a history of committing to the life of the project and to supporting it both at home and overseas when the equipment is deployed. The need for the suppliers to embrace this full engagement was stressed as part of the team’s determination to provide a solution that meets the rigours of operations on the front line. This engagement with DND and the Canadian Armed Forces is a characteristic of both companies success in their international contracts.

Speaking at the briefing day Paul Bergqvist, chief operating officer of Armatec, said: "I am truly delighted with the seamless way in which Marshall and Armatec have come together to provide this bid. Marshall’s true commitment to the provision of staff based here in Canada has ensured that we are providing a comprehensive and winning bid. The fact that their CEO has come to this event to support our team shows true testament to our partnership, commitment to win and their long term involvement in Canada."

Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems, said: "It is not often that we have the opportunity to work with a company with such similar values to our own, especially with a commitment to understanding customers’ requirements and ensuring they are met or exceeded in every way.

Mr Callaghan continued: "Armatec’s state of the art facility at Dorchester is truly impressive and a shining example of their innovation, attention to detail and willingness to invest in the highest levels of quality and performance for the benefit of the DND customer. We are looking forward to continuing to build our relationship throughout the life of the SEV Kitting programme and joint exploration of other opportunities in the Canadian market."