In spring 2013, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik successfully obtained on-site acceptance of the training means for the CH-53GA maintenance training tools.

The CH-53GA maintenance training tools are designed to train maintenance personnel for the CH-53GA helicopter. Both the customer and users were impressed by the quality and effectiveness of the training tools.

Use of the training tools will begin as part of the next round of training sessions at the German School of Army Aviation in Bückeburg. They comprise two Cockpit Procedure Trainer TechLog (CPT-TL) systems installed in a container, as well as 30 Mobile Training Devices TechLog (MTD-TL).

In just 11 months, the training tools have been developed and successfully handed over to the customer.

Each CPT-TL consists of a replica of the CH-53GA cockpit represented by touchscreen monitors, simulated aircraft instruments and an instructor operator station (IOS). The CPT-TLs represent the avionics capabilities of the CH-53GA helicopter with focus on the maintenance functions.

Using the IOS, the simulation can be configured to represent the current lesson, including, for example, the simulation of 100 different aircraft system malfunctions which can be combined in any way, or of the use of ground test equipment. The IOS can also be used for debriefing following specific training modules.

The MTD-TL is a laptop version of the CPT-TL and can be used as an excellent support medium for self-study. With the help of these training tools, theoretical knowledge can be strengthened through practical exercises; therefore, preparing the maintenance personnel to complete their training via a practical phase using a real-life CH-53GA helicopter.

After ESG was awarded the contract for implementation of CH-53GA maintenance training tools in spring of 2012, the documentation of the training courses was completed within six months and training began in October 2012. In just 11 months, the training tools have been developed and successfully handed over to the customer.

This underscores ESG’s ability to provide timely and reliable services as a main contractor in the field of training.