Sterela Defense will be exhibiting at this year’s Eurosatory in Paris, between 13-17 June.

After 25 years of experience in military shooting ranges, Sterela has expanded its offer to close-quarters combat. Learning how to conduct operations in urban environments, a real revolution in close combat training, requires the realism of operational battles that the armed forces, commando units and police brigades will have to face.

The defence department at Sterela has therefore designed a range of target-holders offering realistic sudden appearance modes, such as door pop-outs or rising targets for windows.

These have several advantages including:

  • Realistic appearance be tailored to your own infrastructures
  • Minimum footprint so the target-holder may be placed in confined areas, avoiding team members spotting it before the target is displayed.

Realism is heightened by adding to these target systems accessories that simulate battle effects such as background noise, hostile engagements, smokescreens and lighting effects to place team members in a situation of stress, confusing their senses and helping them develop their operational reflexes.

Emphasis is also placed on interactivity. Fitted with sensors, the target systems can react in keeping with the advancement of operators, offering the armed forces an interactive enemy that will react to decisions they make and the way the offensive is led.

Come along to stand G104 at Eurosatory 2016 to find out more about our realistic urban combat and shoot-house solutions.