In Intermat’s latest white-paper, already released for download here, we presented the inner core of modern stealth coatings capabilities: the strategic advantage to alter a wide area’s thermal image that is displayed on ground and airborne thermal sensors or feeds the heat-seeking warheads and cruise missiles passive homing devices and thus increase strategic facilities’ survivability rate.

Where ECM’s and multiple SAD missions might have crushed each and every piece of friendly air-defense and counter-missile installations, the only solution available as a last resort: Intermat’s coatings.

The coating will be ‘always on’ for facilities’ protection from salvo combat model:

  • Oil refineries, tanks and installations
  • Oil pipelines
  • Airfields
  • Strategic weapons installations
  • Headquarters of military or governmental services
  • Water tanks or water facilities
  • Military camps or installations

Intermat’s coatings offer the option to redesign and engineer the thermal image of a whole area. A complex combination of stealth coated facilities, left uncoated and others coated as a decoy, under a carefully designed stealth application plan, will essentially reshape the battlefield.