Singapore Technologies Electronics (ST Electronics) today announced the successful deployment of DigiSAFE Authentication Server (DAS) in the National Authentication Framework (NAF), providing government, enterprises and consumers with a trusted second-factor authentication (2FA) platform to perform e-transactions securely and efficiently.

This marks a new milestone for ST Electronics’ integrated ICT capabilities, demonstrating its deep cybersecurity expertise and industry knowledge in providing high availability and fault tolerant authentication infrastructure solutions to effectively deal with cyber threats in digital identification.

Charles Fan, Chief Executive Officer of Assurity Trusted Solutions which operates the NAF said: "The DigiSAFE Authentication Server meets the NAF’s stringent security and availability specifications, and supports Assurity’s suite of industry standard 2FA solutions, namely, the OneKey hardware token, OneKey mobile app and SMS one-time pin (OTP)."

DAS is capable of meeting government and financial institutes’ stringent security and high-availability specifications for digital identification. It is able to support both one-factor authentification (1FA) and 2FA operations using a variety of digital tokens such as hardware and software tokens, mobile SMS OTP, and digital certificates. DAS can also be integrated with existing users’ identity stores such as the Windows Active Directory, enabling a seamless login experience for users and application developers.

"With our indigenous and robust DigiSAFE Authentication Server, ST Electronics is poised to deliver the next generation Digital Identity Management System," said Mr Ravinder Singh, President, ST Electronics.