Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) has announced that it has been awarded a S$6m contract from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to supply a Vehicular Integrated Communication System (VICS) for the SAF’s combat vehicles.

The VICS for the SAF is a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution based on ST Electronics’ homegrown SuperneT™ Vehicular Integrated Communication System (VICS) ST6800. Work on the project has started and is expected to be delivered by April 2015.

The SuperneT VICS is an advanced compact IP-based integrated voice and data communication system and part of ST Electronics’ homegrown and award-winning SuperneT™ family of Integrated Communication System ST6800 solutions.

It provides a common network platform, serving as a super highway to facilitate integration of various C4i (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) systems. This enhances interconnectivity, survivability and interoperability.

The robust and ruggedised SuperneT VICS facilitates collaboration, which helps to increase workgroups command and control efficiency on wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, and small naval crafts operating in high-tempo and harsh tactical environments.

This contract award strengthens and extends ST Electronics’ business reach in the global market for integrated communication solutions for C4I land platforms.