social media channels

We at APS are happy to tell you that the number of channels to effectively connect with us have been significantly increased. We are now launching our expanded online presence by introducing a number of social media initiatives and channels.

Our ambition with these initiatives is primarily to improve SHARING (of information, images and videos) and INTERACTION (with all of our stakeholders on the market). It will indeed be a new digital journey for us and we hope that You will enjoy it as much as we will!


For APS, Facebook will be a broad platform that will reach out to our largest customer segments. There is a general APS company page available as well as specific Trellchem and Viking product pages. Come meet us on our Facebook platform on the following pages:

  • APS –
  • Trellchem –
  • Viking –


Come and look at the YouTube channel from Ansell Protective Solutions with videos from Trellchem, Viking and Trelltent. Additional videos for both Viking and Trellchem will also be added during November and December. You’ll find the APS YouTube channel here:


APS is also online with a Flickr photo gallery containing images from Trellchem, Viking and Trelltent portfolios. You’ll find the APS Flickr gallery here: