The STIM210 will support systems stabilisation to mitigate effects of wave motion for a ‘remote controlled’ variant of the SIMBAD twin launcher system, equipped with two ready-to-fire mistral missiles.

MBDA services have developed the system, along with the French Navy and several navies around the world.

STIM210 is an established and reliable high-precision three-axis gyro module. It is also suitable for pointing and stabilisation, flight control and guidance applications in the industrial, aerospace and defence markets.

The STIM210 is the highest performance ITAR-free MEMS gyro module commercially available and it offers a breakthrough for system designers who are under constant pressure to provide smaller, more reliable and lower cost solutions. The gyro is closing the performance gap to fibre-optic gyro (FOG) and is a powerful alternative to current solutions in the market.

Lower cost, size, weight and power consumption (CSWaP) is offered by the system, along with high reliability and efficient integration into all applications.