Elmon has announced the release of the new PD7A model bulletproof vest.

The vest has a protection level of IIIA, a new technologically advanced ballistic concept, and has five certificates to its name, which should help it stand out in the international market.

By combining classic and tested IIIA per NIJ 0101.04 ballistic solutions to new even more elaborated challenges, such as Tokarev high velocity FMJ, Makarov steel core and VPAM syringe, the Elmon team discovered a ballistic concept certified by TNO Lab in The Netherlands that surpasses the features we have already put into trial.

The properties of the PD7A model bulletproof vest include:

  • Certified to stop special type bullets such as 7.62mm x 25mm FMJ TOKAREV 520 ±10 m/s
  • Certified STANAG 2920 protection from 1.1g FSP projectiles up to 580 m/s (v50)
  • Certified VPAM KDIW 2004 Syringe Protection class l1 static and dynamic
  • Ballistic properties not affected by water, moisture and UV radiation

Technical features:

  • Lightweight (1.6kg approx.) to allow comfortable multi-hour use
  • 360° full cover with 15% extra coverage protection area compared to competitive body armour
  • Thickness (6.5mm) to enhance concealable use purposes
  • Excellent blunt trauma effect without trauma pack
  • Multi-hit capacity
  • Withstands edge shots