Pearson Engineering has been awarded a contract by General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) to supply and integrate its range of combat engineering and counter-mine equipment for the demo phase of the Spanish MoD VCR 8×8 engineer vehicle.

The new equipment is specifically designed to give the combat engineers a modern 8×8 mobility support capability and the ability to protect against the threat of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The Pearson Engineering products include the supply of a common interface attachment solution, earth anchor dozer blade (EADB) for earthmoving, obstacle reduction and mobility support tasks, lightweight mine roller (LWMR) for counter-mine protection and Surface Mine Plough (SMP) for protection against the threat from scatterable mines and munitions. These products are already in service on a number of other 8×8 platforms such as the US Army Stryker, Canadian LAV and various other GDELS platforms.

Regional sales and marketing manager David Addy added "We see this award as an important milestone in integrating a range of tools, enabling the VCR 8×8 engineer demo vehicle to enhance the tactical mobility and manoeuvre of the vehicles. We are proud to work closely with GDELS Santa Bárbara Sistemas in delivering this important capability. The interchangeable attachment common interface approach allows us to future proof the platform and ensure the vehicle is always ready to counter the latest mobility and counter mobility challenges."

It is widely acknowledged that there is a trend towards increasing capability on wheeled platforms to counter modern threats.

Pearson Engineering has long been a market leader in this area, with the development and integration of a range of combat engineering and counter-mine equipment for a range of wheeled, light and medium armoured vehicles.