Decon System

During a mass casualty event, emergency response personnel depend on reliable equipment to help them control hazardous conditions.

Since acquiring Reeves in 2005, DHS Systems LLC has committed to upholding its reputation as a brand that produces high-quality emergency response products. Reeves decontamination systems are among the many trusted, state-of-the-art technologies used widely by first responders, fire personnel and law enforcement professionals in the United States and abroad.

Now, DHS is combining its Reeves EMS products with its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters (DRASH), to form a decontamination system designed specifically for military personnel. As with all DHS products, the goal of its decontamination systems is to provide a quick and efficient solution to managing dangerous circumstances. DHS Systems remains at the forefront of soft-walled technology development and thus has improved its decontamination system so it is a completely evolved variant of previous models.

The Company Mass Casualty Decontamination System (MCD) is the newest decontamination system offered to DRASH customers. The MCD encompasses a Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH), integrated water pumps and flow control, a self-controlled water heater with automatic solution injection, containment berms and wastewater storage bladders.

The MCD reflects DHS’ mission towards creating advanced systems that are invaluable to military and emergency personnel alike. After careful and extensive research, DHS incorporated significant details to its MCD that will enhance the overall system. For instance, all plumbing line quick-connects were transitioned to stainless steel to ensure durability and longevity. The new system has a simpler injector assembly for solution concentration settings. It has hoses that are more robust, pump assemblies that are more reliable and wheel assemblies that endure all terrain. All of these changes are representative of consumer feedback, purposefully enhanced to fulfill current demands in the field.

"The idea behind MCD is to combine the efficiency of DRASH shelters with the reliability of Reeves EMS equipment so that Disaster Response Teams can decontaminate a large number of patients in a minimal amount of time," says Trent Baer, Manager at the Ft. Hood Regional Support Facility.

Because of the MCD’s structural design, it is possible to execute decontamination procedures in an assembly line method beginning with initial sanitization and ending with contaminated runoff storage. The system enables a continuous flow of patients from any mass casualty event and can accommodate ambulatory and non-ambulatory needs.

Extreme environmental circumstances will not hinder operations, as the MCD is sustainable in even the harshest conditions. As are all DRASH shelter systems, the MCD is quickly deployable and requires only a few individuals for setup. It is equipped with a transport-style duffel bag, repair kit, push poles, wind lines and a steel pin stake set.

All DHS products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are ideal for deployment in adverse environments.