The ‘Ultra FlexFence’ family of applique armour designed specifically to protect vehicles against the immediate RPG threat is on display at DVD 2012 by Marshall Land Systems and Plasan Sasa. Ultra FlexFence is a production ready, lightweight, proven armour solution suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Ultra FlexFence is fitted to a Sandcat protected patrol vehicle on the Plasan Sasa, stand SP-06.

"Marshall Land Systems and Plasan are working closely together to provide UK MoD with the highest performing RPG protection solution available today. We are providing established program management and vehicle systems engineering expertise, whilst our partner Plasan provides the very best RPG defeat solutions. This relationship continues on from our successful Lorica Joint Venture," said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

Light and quick and easy to install, Ultra Flex’s close fit does not reduce platform manoeuvrability and minimises snag and damage when moving past obstructions. Ultra Flex offers significant weight savings over traditional bar armour solutions and provides a step change in armour performance.

During the development phase two by-products of the Ultra FlexFence design became apparent; the modules provide platform thermal camouflage and provide lightweight bulk to aid vehicle amphibious capability.