Military aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters

Mobile storage and maintenance space for military vehicles and aircrafts can sometimes be challenging. Military aircraft hangars and vehicle maintenance shelters need to be large, strong and durable but remain demountable, relocatable and easy to deploy globally.

HTS TENTIQ have come up with two distinct product types that can fulfil all this criteria; Standard Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters and the Carbon-Hybrid Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters, the latter achieving unprecedented levels of fast, easy deployment combined with strength and durability.

Standard Military Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

This range of hangars and shelters are designed for the storage and maintenance of a military battle tank through to a large aircraft the size of a tornado fighter bomber.

Most of the aircraft hangars and shelters can be transported in a 20ft container and installed by a ten-man crew in around 16 hours.

Sizes vary considerably, ranging from 7.60m to 60,00m widths, unlimited length and a maximum peak height of 13.92m. HTS TENTIQ specialise in customised designs and sizes, only achievable from the expert in-house design teams and high-tech production facility in Kefenrod, Germany.

Engineered and manufactured for fast, easy deployment the strength and weather resistance of these structures is impressive with the larger hangars and shelters able to achieve 100kg/m² snow load and 100km/h wind load.

As standard the shelters are manufactured to meet strict German and military building codes, but they can be customised to adhere to almost any structural safety requirement necessary whilst still retaining the demountable and relocatable properties.

Unique to the HTS TENTIQ shelter and hangar range is the optional eyelid gate, which creates easy access for high tail fins; making the range extremely suitable for military aircraft storage and maintenance the world over.

All these qualities and features are combined with fast lead times of around three weeks, depending on configuration and a range of ancillary equipment and options, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, door options and electrics.

Carbon-Hybrid Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

New to the market and a significant and important advancement for the industry as a whole, these unique shelter structures achieve a reduced weight and packaged volume alongside a superior snow and wind loading and fast set up. Compared to an equivalent sized structure from within the standard range, the Carbon-Hybrid shelter can weigh up to 35% less and achieve a packaged volume of around 50% less.

For the larger structures such as aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters this reduction in weight and volume plus the increase in strength creates a significant advantage in terms of fast and easy deployment to some of the harshest environments and terrains in the world.

Engineering the frame with a unique combination of carbon and aluminium makes the profile sizes much smaller and lighter but considerably stronger.

This design is fully patented by and available only from HTS TENTIQ. For the aircraft hangars and shelters, all the same choices and features apply as the standard range but with the advantage of the Carbon-Hybrid frame.

Speaking further about this particular range of military shelters, Michael Zeh, Head of HTS TENTIQ said, “Although both ranges have been designed for mobile vehicle and aircraft storage and maintenance as the primary use they can be and are used for a multitude of other applications, including storage of drones, weapons and other military equipment.”

Michael also added: “The wide choice of sizes, materials and deployment options means our aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters are suitable for most budgets, needs and environments the world over. Due to the ongoing success of and demand for this kind of shelter system we are now looking at expanding the range with a new lighter option which we hope to be releasing in the near future.”

HTS TENTIQ is the specialist military division of HTS TENTIQ, the global award-winning manufacturer of temporary structures. From the 64,000m² state of the art production facility in Kefenrod, Germany, the company designs and manufactures hundreds of different temporary structures systems for a range of industries including the global military. The design and production capabilities and capacity combined with the expertise and talent of the in-house engineering team allows HTS tentiQ to set the worldwide benchmark in customised design, innovation and quality.