An aircraft hangar was needed for a ‘Tornado fighter-bomber’ of a leading European military force. A vital requirement was for the hangar to fit into one 20ft container as it was to be transported around the world on military deployment. This type of container made it easier and less expensive to handle via air freight, land or ship.

The hanger supplied met all these logistical requirements and was also engineered to withstand the extreme global weather conditions and environments it would be used in. This type of customised design and manufacturing is a speciality of HTS TENTIQ who operate from one of the most advanced production facilities of its kind in Kefenrod, Germany.

Due to the high demand in this sector, HTS TENTIQ, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, temporary and semi-permanent structure systems, opened a specialist military and humanitarian division.

They now offer a specialist range of lightweight, versatile rapid deployment temporary structure systems. These are designed specifically for this specialist sector and to meet the variable climate conditions worldwide.

HTS TENTIQ has been providing military hangars, shelters and tents to military organisations for around 25 years and consistently since its reformation in 2001.