An employee at a demining company has taken part in a six-day, 251km (156-mile) ultramarathon – the equivalent of six regular marathons – wearing ROFI personal protection equipment (PPE).

Andy, who works for a big demining organisation, ran in Marathon des Sables (Sahara Marathon), which is considered to be the toughest foot race on Earth.

Not only did he complete the race wearing a ROFI ARMADILLO PPE, he also ran it at such a pace that he received a medal.

Andy decided to run in the PPE to highlight all the people who put their lives in danger every day to clear personnel mines around the world.

ROFI products are made to be comfortable and lightweight for users, while still providing superb protecting capabilities, but we never thought of anyone wearing them during a marathon – or ultramarathon.

ROFI would like to congratulate Andy on his tremendous achievement, and thank him and all other people who are working every day to make playing fields and school roads safe for our children.

To read more about the ROFI ARMADILLO model, or other models we have, please visit our profile on Army-Technology or our website.