LRAD Corporation (LRAD), the world’s leading provider of Long Range Acoustic Devices® and advanced ONE VOICE mass notification systems, today announced an opening order from the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

SEC is replacing the warning systems at one of its power generation facilities with the advanced technology and superior voice intelligibility of LRAD ONE VOICE solutions.

The company also received LRAD 360X 2-Emitter and 8-Emitter systems orders for two Asian municipalities upgrading their tsunami warning systems with LRAD’s highly intelligible voice capability. The combined orders total approximately $300,000 and are scheduled to ship this fiscal year ending 30 September 2016.

"After extensive head-to-head testing against in-country mass notification competitors, our award winning LRAD ONE VOICE systems were selected due to their outstanding vocal clarity, and industry-leading broadcast longevity and area coverage," commented Tom Brown, President and CEO of LRAD Corporation.

"By maintaining a smooth frequency response with an intensity variation of less than 5dB, LRAD has overcome the limitations of competitor systems by preventing audio fading and producing clear, unambiguous communication across all broadcast frequencies."

LRAD ONE VOICE systems ensure emergency warnings and general announcements are clearly heard and understood throughout coverage areas.

LRAD systems augment reverse 911 calls, email, text messages, and other notification measures by broadcasting 360°, attention-commanding warning sirens and extraordinarily clear voice messages up to 12 square kilometers from a single 8-Emitter installation.

Download the case study here.