Intermat Group is pleased to announce that within its Authorized Centers of Application (ACA) establishing program it has initiated cooperation with CFI in Huntsville, Alabama, US.

Intermat and CFI will work together in the field of Intermat’s stealth coatings applications for US-based customers, from military and law enforcement sectors, as well as for FMS (foreign military sales) programs related to stealth coatings for land and marine systems.

CFI will also represent Intermat in the US for a wide range of anti-thermal / visual camouflage products, among them the newly announced ‘CHAMELEON’s SKIN©’, which provides a real ‘on-the-go’ blending with operational environment in the thermal and visual spectrum.

The synergy offers to stealth coatings or stealth products customers more options in regard to their application or procurement plans: major customers from the US or FMS users are now enabled to their stealth coatings acquisition by minimizing costs, as Intermat’s technology has come closer, and get the chance to include the stealth coating into any upgrade package for a variety of weapon systems.

CFI – custom military and industry solutions since 1974

CFI specializes in military coatings for the US Army and works with many groups on recapitalization of US equipment. Among significant programs to date is Recapitalization of the Patriot Tactical Command System (TCS) for LTPO (Lower Tier Project Office).

Intermat Group – stealth coatings and materials

Intermat – a pioneer in state-of-the-art anti-thermal camouflage technologies – is looking forward to presenting the company’s latest total solutions in the fields of survivability, counter-measure passive signature management and anti-missile protection at the strategic level.