DHS Technologies, the parent company of DHS Systems, today announced that a new solution has been added to its diverse portfolio of durable and highly reliable DRASH deployable command and control equipment, known in the field by end-users as DC2E. Comprised of various sized projector and audiovisual switching systems, DC2E was developed to help solve the information management problems facing today’s commander.

The new intelligent data distribution system (IDDS) enhances the capabilities of any DC2E System by providing users with an easier and more cost-effective method of distributing power and network connectivity in the field. The IDDS was developed in response to customer demand for a more robust and user friendly internal power distribution and network connection system than had been previously available. The IDDS also helps to organise and reduce the amount of cables criss-crossing a facility, allowing operators to spend more time focusing on the mission at hand instead of fumbling around with the various different cable components needed to supply their workstations.

"Safe, secure, and reliable network connectivity is key to any mobile force making timely decisions," says Curtis Nail, project manager for DC2E. "The IDDS is just the latest innovation to come from direct feedback from those operating in the field."

The highly advanced IDDS supports a wide range of communications technologies, including VoIP, video streaming and IP video conferencing. Able to connect to any table measuring one to two inches in thickness, the DRASH IDDS allows personnel to store and protect cables while sharing power and network connectivity for up to six workstations.

As many as three boxes can be daisy-chained together for extended power and network distribution. Made to withstand the harshest of field conditions, the IDDS is man-portable and can easily be transported from one location to the next with any DRASH shelter system or it can be integrated into other existing systems.