special purpose

The IAG Sentinel is an armored vehicle designed for tactical response teams. Standard vehicle armoring is available up to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications, with add-on armoring available for B7/NIJ Level IV that is rated to withstand multiple impacts from armor piercing 7.62x51mm rifle ammunition.

The armoring system on the Sentinel protects the entire cabin with blast protection underneath the vehicle. The engine bay and fuel tank are also armored to prevent the vehicle from being disabled from ballistic threats or shrapnel. An optional turret system can be integrated to work in conjunction with the armored roof escape hatch.

High payload wheels and tire package features an integrated run-flat and bead lock system to prevent the tires from dismounting from the wheel, as well as enables the vehicle to continue operating in the event of tire punctures.

Individual captain seats are featured in the first two rows, with parallel bench seats in the rear with storage compartments. Each seat is outfitted with a harness to properly secure the occupant. The vehicle can be outfitted with a large variety of equipment and customised to suit the specific mission requirements and application.

Please be advised that the IAG Sentinel is available to Government, Military and Law Enforcement only.